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State of the Alliance


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State of the Alliance

This week the membership of the Siberian Tiger Alliance is steady at 206 members due to the cessation of recruitment over the past two weeks. The total nation strength rapidly approaches the 3 million mark and our average nation strength has increased to just under 14,000.

In domestic news Uhtred has now returned to his duties as Chancellor of the Siberian Tiger Alliance after my return from annual leave. I personally thank Uhtred, the members of the Consilium Tigris and the many members of the alliance who stepped up to fulfil any roles asked of them during my absence.

During the week a number of awards were presented to members of the Siberian Tiger Alliance. Wraith Lord and Schlig were awarded the STA Award for Valour for their efforts defending a fellow alliance member from a rogue attack. Thank you to both nations for their sacrifice and dedication to the defence of the comrade. Rabbs was also presented with yet another recruitment award for recruiting 30 nations that have remained in the alliance for more than a month. Rabbs also earned $9 million from the Recruitment Rewards program for his efforts. Rabbs’ record as a recruiter is outstanding over a long period of time and we thank him for his efforts and contribution to the growth of the alliance.

In the Siberian Trophy, Uhtred’s Bamburgh FC, Lammoth’s Condatis Town and regular title winner, Batch, all remain undefeated after three rounds while four teams remain winless. In the Cup division Lysotine’s Los Banditos sits on top of the table as the only undefeated team, four points clear of Krius’ FC Rhyl, KingPenchuk’s Proxian FC and KingJarkko’s Zavod Ural Solikamsk.

In military news the rogue issues of last week have all been resolved. The only disappointing news was a member of the Siberian Tiger Alliance having their tech raiding license revoked for raiding an aligned nation.

This week saw no news from the Foreign Affairs Department. With the rumours of war looking more likely to become reality communication between the Siberian Tiger Alliance and her allies has increased as all alliances keep their finger on the pulse of the Cyberverse.

Overall, this week has seen the cessation of recruitment pay dividends as our average nation strength gradually climbs. We have seen our members come to the defence of their colleagues and those working to improve and strengthen the alliance rewarded for their work. What is to happen over the next week is anyone’s guess. We at the STA certainly look forward to our young cubs putting on more muscle over the next seven days and pushing our alliance over the 3 million total nation strength mark for the first time in our history.

Za Sibir’!

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This week the membership of the Siberian Tiger Alliance is steady at 206 members due to the cessation of recruitment over the past two weeks.

Why no recruitment over the last two weeks?

edit: Never mind, you covered it in your last issue.

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