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There once was a man named Michael Finnegan

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Poison Clan and The Order of Righteous Nations have had a long and storied history together. Therefore I come to you heavy hearted to state that all standing treaties with TORN are hereby null and void. Notice of these cancelations were given in private, and, as per the treaty terms of 72 hours notice, have expired as of 11:56:39 today. Why does it have to be so, TORN? When we needed a hand, yours were always filled with two beers - one for you, and one for us. When we needed a shoulder to cry on, you were just a lean away. When we needed a lay, a bigwoody was always waiting.

Best of luck to you, TORN, in all your future endevours and I hope we will meet at Brothers or Kam's sometime soon and get to take you home again.



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