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An Official Announcement from Sparta

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Late last night and early today, Sparta gave notice to TORN and Valhalla that we are enacting the cancellation clauses in the Hangover Accords and the Valhallalalalapalozza oADMP, respectively. Reasons were relayed to their governments in private. It has been a fun ride, and we wish them the best in their future endeavours.


Article VII

If an alliance decides to cancel this agreement, it must give the other party 96 hours notice prior to the official cancellation, during which all articles will be upheld.


Article “$4 Pitchers”

...Should either party decide the other party is a sausage fest and that it is not in their interests to retain this treaty, be it during the renewal period or at any other time, the signatories shall still be subject to the terms of the treaty for a period of seven (7 [the number of shots I had tonight so it’s as good a number as any]) days. ...

o/ Doxa Sparte \o

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