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/A\/A\ Official Announcement

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Official /A\/A\ Announcement


Welcome Cybergins to another Uber installment of What is this, I don't even

Today I come to you with a new announcement that actually kind of means something and has some level of importance.

Space Disc! Is totally cancelled.

We have a new member of the government. Due to inactivity, our former Triumvirate of Girl Fights has taken a leave of absence. To fill his spot, Ebony Wings aka Kia on irc. Kia's mind set is very appropriate for leadership at /A\/A\. Aggressive and IN YO FACE. Basically our foreign relations include a giant foam finger poking you in the face over and over until we get a response that is necessary. With Kia, this foam finger shall be our military MIGHT. Kia has now become the Triumvirate of Girl Fights.

Space Swords! Is totally cancelled.

I can only hope for the best. Our leadership is forming well and I ask for everyone to continue to tune into #cn-radio. AirMe's radio show will hopefully continue to have the filth that is our radio commercials. A new commercial is in his possession. So I hope you enjoy it. I roffled making it. My voice + Harry Caray ascent = ROFFLESAURUS

Space Luge! Is also cancelled.

I hope everyone enjoys the new week that is upon us. For the shadow of dramawar is looming. I just want to promote that with every member, you get a regulation /A\/A\ Tin Foil hat. I can only hope that current canceling treaty alliances find their way safely, and their side of the line. /A\/A\ promises loyalty to our treaty partners. This is why we don't try to run the game, we just play it. Friends are friends. We support our friends. I can only hope our playing really screws up your "running." The seriousness of this current state of affairs is a joke and I can only hope everyone can laugh at the roffling they are committing in the end.

And all other events are pending!

Good luck gents. I will be polishing my tin foil hat. And preparing the WRC to start pumping out 400+ infra damages.

All the oxygen has run out

And someone who will not be named

Accidentally hit self-destruct


UberSpion - Triumvirate of LULZ

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