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Doomsday Clock


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It is obvious at this point that war is coming and that this war will be a war on a enormous scale and I feel it only fitting we get a Doomsday Clock.


* April 17: RIA & GOD cancel their treaties with TORN

* April 16: Viridian Entente, LoSS, & DE cancel high level treaties connected to CN political sphere that has become known as the Hegemony.

* April 15: Sparta withdraws from the Continuum.

* April 15: The Eight Minute War ends in white peace.

* April 15: NPO announces end of Viceroyalty for GATO and a white peace with Jarheads


The Doomsday Clock currently stands at one minute till Midnight.

If there is graphic artist out there that is infinitely more talented than I at image manipulation and would like to offer their services I would be very appreciative.

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It will be interesting to see how this plays out - depending on the quality of this weekends LOL'n CB's, I'm starting to wonder if this will be a real real slow start for this war. I'm honestly suprised that it has been rushed like this, if its really going to start this weekend. I figured a few other things would play out over a few weeks before it "really began"

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