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State of Mind Reminisces


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I built State of Mind in December, 2006; a day I was in a 'state of mind' literally.

To say that joining the Planet was a whim would be an understatement. I read some post on some forum about playing this game, so I came to see what it was.

The trading and figuring out the population, happiness, military, and all that was fun to do on one's own. About the time I got bored with the 2-minute per day tasks I was approached by a VE nation to sell tech. I was introducted to IRC and met a few folks.

The life of a solo nation was pretty good but still didn't hold my interest enough to have kept me here much longer. I was unaligned 4 months or so.

To be continued ...

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Oh, what a surprise it was to awaken to a raid! I was about 2 1/2 months old and did not read the world's forum so I had no idea there were raiders roaming the land. It was an eye-opening experience and left me with my first 600 casualties. I fought back, of course, and the raider asked me for technology to make him go away. I said, "I'll show you technology!", and I attacked back with everything I had. We attained peace after about 3-4 days.

I joined the world forum shortly after that and figured I'd just read and not post. There were harsh areas on the forum and I didn't want any part of it. You see, I figured that following the ingame link to the team forum area would provide me with other green team nations to talk with. Turned out that area of the world forums were neglected and they didn't provide what I thought I'd find.

So, I just read other parts of the forum and didn't interact at all.

One day I received a PM inviting me to visit a group of unaligned nations on their forum.

I visited and liked what I saw.

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Great story, Peggy_Sue.

I had a remarkably similar experience. About the same time frame and everything. I never even realized there was a whole other world out there with alliances and international politics until I had to go searching for a tech buyer to suppliment my first real tangle with a tech raider.

Funny thing, after a few days the raider offered peace because I wouldn't give up the tech- I didn't know at the time that "was the way things were done" and plotted revenge, biding my time. After I got up some scratch and waited until he was engaged with another raid I sprung my ambush, aiding his target and putting the boot into his $@!. Of course, that immediatedly provoked a slurry of activity, I was contacted by their Minister of Def. and was told in no uncertain terms that I if I continued attacking bad things would happen.

The story has a happy ending, I plead my case with the Min. and he stood back and let us duke it out for a very grueling week, my opponent getting aid from his friends and I scrambling for tech deals. Ironically, after it was all said and done the Min. suggested to me the alliance I am in now.

Ah, memories....

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