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the land of bleh prepares for war


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Today, the land of bleh military was stationed on high alert, preparing for what is being called an "imminent attack" from hostile foreign forces.

The order was given due to a preparation for war by the Commonwealth of nations that the land of bleh is a member of. Specific targets are not known as of this point, but an attack is expected within the next 48 hours. Wartime readiness was put on DEFCON 1, and 300 more soldiers were recruited just today to help set up defenses on the outer borders and prepare for war. Production of tanks has also begun, with 25 now ready for combat and many more on the way.

Millions of dollars have been saved in the nation's "warchest", money that will be used to support the military and rebuild possible damage to the homeland after the war is over. Some money is also being set aside for supporting other allied nations. The mobilization of the military was ordered after congress unanimously voted to prepare for war. However, the mobilization is only temporary- if there is no attack within the next 72 hours, the military will return to normal peace time readiness and the soldiers will return back to their bases.

It is now a tense waiting game as the country bites its lips and waits for that mysterious moment known as "contact".

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