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LoSS focuses on Black


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As we restructure, LoSS plans to focus mainly on our Black connections. This will be our first step.


We’re at a loss on a boat, we don’t need no stinkin’ preamble. But we have one anyway, deal with it.


Nemesis and LoSS hereby affirm that we are buddies. More on this story at 10.


If either party hears that someone is coming to screw with the other party, we let them know through any means possible. Failure to do so renders this treaty instantly void.

Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression

If someone actually does decide to screw with one party or the other, the other party will come in and mess up their face. Seriously. Don’t mess if you don’t want to be messed. If one party starts a fight with someone, the other is strongly encouraged to come help them out.


If for some reason we realize that we no longer want to be at a loss on a boat, this treaty can be cancelled. A cancellation period of 72 hours will remain in effect.

Signed for LoSS,

PHD ~ Acting Princeps

Slade ~ Consul

Spectre ~ MoFA

Signed For Nemesis,

Bob, Hoo, and 'Bum - Da Triumvirate

SirMichaelHarland - Minister of Foreign Affairs

SpiderJerusalem - Minister of Defense

meyer0095 - Minister of Economic Affairs

Mykep - Minister of Internal Affairs

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