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Welcome the Central Asian Federation

Justinian the Mighty

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In the days fallowing Slavorussia’s surrender hundreds of high ranking political figures were forced to flee the country. Some had gone farther east, while others went to the Americas and Africa. The majority however sought refuge in the land of a former “ally” Altin Urda. With their homeland now occupied by faux-communists, imperialists and fascist the Slavorussian Socialist Party had lost all hope of restoring Comrade Stalin’s Soviet Union in Russia. They instead looked to Central Asia, where the political atmosphere was perfect for a revolution of the people.

In the dark of night the SSP leaders left Slavorussia en masse. Within days of their arrival in former Altin Urda they had contacted prominent communist and socialist leaders inside the fallen country. Several meetings between party leaders lead to the merging of Slavorussian and Altin Urdan parties into the Central Asian People’s Liberation Party, the most powerful political party in the region. The CAPLP elected Turkic-Russian Viktor Akhmetov party leader, and subsequently the President of the Central Asian Federative Socialist Republic.

President Akhmetov made his first national address the fallowing day from the People’s Palace:

“Ladies and Gentlemen of Central Asia my fellow countrymen and revolutionaries, I come before you today to announce the formation of the Central Asian Federative Socialist Republic. We have faced hardships, and for decades several nations have risen and fallen. Virtually each generation can claim to have been born in a different nation, despite never having left their hometowns. That shall all come to an end now.

In the coming days the provisional government will be phased our and the new People‘s Commissar will take the reins. We will reorganize this parcel of land into a mighty nation, forever united and never again divided. We shall strive to be the best at everything we do, and restore the people’s faith in their government. It is my dream that the will of the people, not the government will govern this great nation, and thrust it ever forward into the future.

Together with our fellow socialists around the world and our neighbors we will restore the integrity which the world greatly lacks today. Let us lead the world by example, and others will surely fallow. Our cause is righteous my friends. May we go forward into the future knowing that we will help craft a safer world, that future generations will be proud to inherit.”

Throughout the country the new government receives mixed response. Some cheered, and some cried, but the majority remained indifferent. Their faith in the government or rather governments had been lost a long time ago. They couldn’t care either way if the CAFSR lasted or died in a few months or years. They would continue their everyday lives just as they had done before, and if anyone tried to stop them there would be hell to pay.

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