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The German Empire: Further Industrialization

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The German Empire:

Further Industrialization


Salutations to all,

Recently in the month of April, the German Empire had reached the pinnacle of strength and prosperity. Mainly due to our brilliant Industrialists, most notable a one Alfred Krupp, our present Minister of Finance; along with another notable Imperial Capitalist, Karl I. With Alfred's guidance, he allowed the German Empire to reach our pinnacle strength of:


It should be also noted that other Citizens of our most glorious Empire have taken part in its present day strength, another being our beloved Kaiser Milch, our Minister of Immigration who was able to sustain and then increase the Empire's total population count.

It is certainly good to be back from OOC travel, finding my beloved Empire striving to continue to grow and prosper, and finding new allies, and friends. It is certainly a proud moment in our young history, and we look eager to the future and what it holds for us all. God bless the Empire, to our allies and friends, and to all inhabitants of our beloved world which we all live in.



His Imperial and Royal Majesty,

The German Emperor and King of Prussia,

Frederick II

Edited by Kaiser Frederick II
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Excellent, glad to see this guys. Though you've been over 2M for a while...why wait so long before announcing it? I guess you just wanted the glory of making this announcement yourself, right K-Fred? :P

Kaiser, it's good to see you back. Your presence is requsted in the Nordreich reuinion thread. Your proud, noble Nordreich blood is not forgotten.


K-Fred was never in Nordreich. :rolleyes:

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IC: Of course he wasn't

OOC: Oh yes he was. He merged his little alliance into Nordreich.

Actually Marx it is true, I merged my alliance into it. However I didn't join NoR, I left to be alone and founded my own alliance, The New Imperial Prussian Order or something, so you are wrong there Captain Flinders. However, I will correct your info for you, I did join NoR, two days or so. That was before I founded TTF, or The Trade Federation, I found it too weird for me, so I left Volkseitung or NoR or whatever it was called and founded TTF, Martens wanted to ZI me or something for leaving. I don't know, main thing is that I am proud to have established the German Empire, and no matter what junk you throw at me, I am proud of my recent accomplishments.


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