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Baku reconstruction effort to begin soon

Agostinho Neto

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The successful revolt in Baku needs to be followed by an equally successful reconstruction operation, and the Azeri government is poised to begin that effort perhaps within the next days, officials told Presidential Palace reporters today. Azeri soldiers are already cleaning up the city to prepare for the reconstruction effort, likely to cost as much as $2.800.000, said Mir Timur Yakubov, minister of Economic Development. He said he expects all construction contracts to be awarded to local Azeri companies within the next days, depending on how quickly the last fires will be put out by the fire brigades. "The first thing that has to happen is the final rescue action needs to be completed," Yakubov said.

The initial focus of the reconstruction effort will be on humanitarian assistance for Baku's residents when they return to their homes, Yakubov said. Most residents left the city during the long buildup before the war in Slavorussia. Azeri troops will tap into pre-positioned supplies to help meet residents' immediate needs. These include a 14-day supply of food and water, 2.000 health and comfort packages, a 90-day supply of first aid, medicine and water-treatment tablets, and 15,000 packages of toiletries. The next priority will be restoring essential services electricity, water and sewer services "so people can move back in, begin to repair and resume their lives hopefully better lives without air raids," Yakubov said.

So far, $800.000 has been earmarked for infrastructures, $350.000 to build a Missile Defense System and more funding for garbage trucks and other projects, according to the Minister. Yakubov said it's important to move forward with these projects as quickly as possible to help return Baku to normalcy and generate work. Baku has long been a construction center in Azerbaijan, and that the rebuilding will bring much- needed employment to the city, he said. "Economy will begin to grow again soon. People need to go back to work in jobs there," he said. "This will be as important as the celebrations in order to consolidate the victory."


The suburbs of Baku this morning

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