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Hi I am Azaarious from FnKa and I am looking for a trade circle for one of our members he has Silver and water.

Please help him out, and if you have a TC that is the same and have an opening we would be glad to know

He wants:


silver- Appoliqize


Coal- Mikhail

Water- Appoliqize




lead- Mikhail




This set will give us Scholars,Fune Jewelry,Construction, and Beer. We might be able to change some stuff around so tell me if you have any of these resources.

This trades set will do the following for you: income +$9.50

poulation happiness +12

infastructure cost reduced by 33%

infastructure upkeep reduced by 18%

reduce technology cost by 5%

increase land by 15%

soldier efficiency +28%

reduced soldier cost by $3.00

increases the number of citizens by +8%

environment +1

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