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Who is leaving Q next?


The big Q  

826 members have voted

You do not have permission to vote in this poll, or see the poll results. Please sign in or register to vote in this poll.

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You know the other members will flood it with their own alliance just to try to skew the poll and still fail. Like GTTofAK, I bet he voted for the NPO. I'm guessing you want to abondon your allies or something?

Yeah, they vote for themselves to try and say "Haha, look, we don't care about the results of this poll, they're not accurate in any way, you can't see what we're doing, NO U, etc"

Just let people vote for who they really think will leave next...

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No more alliances will leave Q, please close this tread and go to your homes.

I lol'd. Then I noticed the spelling error. Then I lol'd again.

Pretty obvious where this poll is going. <_<

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