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Operation: Kulikovo


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Facing unrest in the South the Board of Directors had only one option to secure it's borders. The orders were signed and the measures taken. Across the lands a High Alert was declared. At exactly 12 am a Press conference was transmitted.


"Greetings citizens,

Over the last few days we have watched civil unrest in our Southern Neighbor Altin Urda. To secure our Company and protect the citizens we hereby declare war on the Provisional Government South of us. That is all."


As soon as the message came in the Forces at Molotov AFB entered their Aircraft the AF-1 would see it's first battle. Within minutes 100 Fighters were in the air flying towards the southernmost border with Altin Urda their plan taking out every Defense they had. There wouldn't be much resistance as Satellite records had shown that there weren't many Aircraft and those that had used a much more simple Stealth the Shadow had pre-programmed in it's records.

"Starfox to Red, Blue and Yellow Squadrons prepare to shoot down birds before they launch Bomber Red will come later" As the Aircraft entered Altin Urda Airspace they immediately tracked(using Satellites) and entered in dogfights with Defending Fighters where the maneuverability proved to be a great asset and where the defending party lacked. Soon Air Superiority would be ensured.


Meanwhile at the Borders over 100,000 Soldiers armed with the new rifle were waiting.

OOC: Much more fun than just going in and saying now you are ours :P

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