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NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)


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To Join: Click here (Info and Forum)

Charter & Gov: Click here

IRC: #cnnato on coldfront


NATO is paying you $3 million to learn the game! There will be a simple training program customised to teach new players the gameplay of CN - trades, aid, military, nation building and how to earn up to $4million every month selling technology! Full guidance will be given during the training and for the hyper, it can be completed within a single day! You master the game play of CN and get a graduating bonus of $3million! You get all the gains while NATO expended money/time and resources on you. *wink wink* Why is NATO doing business that lose money? I have no idea…


You now have $3million on hand, learned the basics of the game are more than ready to play. This stage is right after the training where you become a full member of NATO. You ask questions and mingle with fellow members on the forum whenever you are free. There are also a couple of aid programs available to members. You earn what you put into the alliance.


You are now familiar with the game play of CN and slowly developing into a master tactician. If you are not satisfied with being just a member, and feel that there is more you can do for both yourself and the alliance; Run for council positions! Active members with management or special skills will be groomed for leadership roles in the organisation. The next NATO head might jolly well be you!!

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