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OOC: Everything in this topic can be considered Classified unless stated otherwise


Seeing Powerful nations close to it's border including nations the previous nation was at war with the Board of Directors approved a new kind of measure. In the Caspian Naval Platforms similar to the once used by Naboo would be placed armed with the new Mk 84 torpedo and recent Astrakhan developments in Naval Weapons. On the aerial level AWS will deploy Passive and Active Radar Systems linked together in a large network to allow tracking of all Aircraft entering Astrakhan Airspace including Stealth in a limited form. To allow taking down said Aircraft AA turrets and missiles will be placed across every section of the nation. To deal with possible Stealth Aircraft there will always be 3 Squadrons of 20 AF-1s ready to take down the threat. On the ground all Borders would soon see Aircraft dropping State of the Art anti-personnel and anti-tank mines using different systems from the general Blast Mine to higher explosives however before the mines would be deployed they would establish roadblocks, dragon's teeth and at the roads clear of any of the aforementioned automated turrets using the Metal Storm System. All systems like the general equipment of AWS would be armed with EMP defenses and a self-destruct sequence should an enemy attempt to disable them they would have a hard time doing so. While effective the land defenses would only serve a temporary measure should the Corporation come under attack. As it would only serve to keep the enemy busy while Allied Forces would come.

Coastal Defenses: 0%

Aerial Defenses: 0%

Land Defenses: 0%


Some might notice the increase of Arms and personnel on the borders of AWS, these do not serve as an offensive measure but as a defensive measure. All our borders including land, air and sea will be fortified to deny access to anyone. We hereby also announce a shoot on sight policy should anyone cross the border without the required papers, that is all.

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