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Ex-FAN Members


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If you were a member of FAN, particularly around the time of VietFAN 2.0, and have since re-rolled and are in another alliance (especially if it's a Continuum member), why not let us know what you're up to?

hahahaha ...

Plotting is my guess !!

Why not take it one step further and ask

MPOL, we know your out there, come out come out where ever you are :P

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The only people who left FAN on amicable terms left because greater needs called their attention.

Those that were in FAN and left us otherwise are traitorous scum with few equals, or were never actually FAN in the first place.


Seems he was a dedicated mole for NPO from the beginning. He admitted it himself on one of the gun boards (he's a troll there too).

And here we were told repeatedly that NPO didn't condone spying.

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