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Announcement from the SSSW18 Ministry of Culture

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Good citizens of Planet Bob, I come before you today for two things:

Firstly, I come heralding a somewhat impromptu anthem of SSSW18, as sanctioned and commissioned by the High President Jipps in the name of LORD Jay, Blessed be His Name.

At present, I am unable to think up any words for the piece itself; the music is orchestral, and can be found here (MIDI file, small download). Our finest men and women have been rehearsing the piece and shall perform it at ceremonies and such.

Secondly, I am pleased to announce the SSSW18 Times, SSSW18's alliance newspaper. I wholeheartedly invite all to read and to write for the newspaper, which can be found here. We need more authors and columnists, both inside and outside SSSW18 - please join us in undertaking this task. Anybody is welcome to apply to either myself or a SSSW18 gov member to become a columnist.

I should mention that I do not intend to make the SSSW18 Times solely a CN discussion forum - there are plenty of such newspapers out there. The SSSW18 Times shall be just a place for everybody to put whatever's in their minds, be it CN, or be it sports, music, drama, film or maybe even Real-World politics.

(OOC: If anybody is able to host the files and database for the SSSW18 Times, I would be most grateful if they did.)

Admin bless you all!

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in the name of LORD Jay, Blessed be His Name.

Amen brother!

Lord Jay will always be missed.

As to the newspaper, good luck with getting it up and running.

(OOC) Lord Jay finished in 5th place in our Fantasy Hockey League. Kinda surreal to see his team still kicking after all this time. He'll definitely be missed!

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I was expecting something a bit different - not block/MDP news - just something more entertaining. SSSW18 is one of the few alliances I look forward too for my weekly dosage of lulz, and too see that it's just about a newspaper? My heart, and funny bone, ache in disappointment.

I haven't given up hope, though! Make sure your DoW is properly funny.

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