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Announcement from the Ministry of Science

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That which we have foretold is coming to pass. We claim no responsibility for it save the ideals which are espoused being the ones we have broadcast far and wide. Good luck to those involved. You are correct to do what you are doing. There are others following in your wake. I will ensure we leave you undisturbed and expect the same in return. All Plumbers check your pipes. COC and Squad 3 report.


the Reverend Doctor Electron Sponge, Archbishop of Vox Populi, Senator and Minister of Science of Vox Populi, Imperator Emeritus of the New Polar Order, Admiral of the Greenland Republic Iceberg Armada and Viceroy of the Orange Defense Network, also hello

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It was also vague enough not to spoil someone else's big announcement. I'm not a total jerk you know, there was a reason for this that will become obvious later on.

Would it be the big announcement(s) you have in your sig? lol

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