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ARES-NV Announcement

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It is fitting that NV celebrates their 2 year anniversary with a treaty! And we at ARES are more then thrilled to call them our brothers.

Too Stupid Vidians



We had a one night stand once. It was just ok. Hizzy was subpar.

Section I: Sovereignty:

Let it be known, that in the signing of this treaty both Alliances will remain Independent, and retain their Sovereignty.

Section II: Pies not Punches:

- No member of either alliance shall participate in war, or provocation of the other alliance.

- No member of either signatory will aid, or give information to a known enemy of either alliance, whether it be a single nation, or a whole alliance.

- No member of these alliances shall ever spy on the other alliance through the forums, or through in game features.

- Such reparations, as well as any subsequent punishment for the infringing nation shall be discussed and agreed upon by the leaders of both alliances, with the ultimate aim to restore harmony between the two groups.

Section III: Mutual Defense:

In the case of an attack upon one of the signatories it will be considered an attack on both. Should one of the signatories become involved in a defensive war the other alliance will utilize any means possible to help the defending signatory. This may take the form of political, financial, or military support, or any other action agreed upon by the leadership of both signatories. If a signatory goes to war due to another treaty obligation, then Military Assistance becomes optional.

Section IV: Optional Aggression

Either signatory will be free to wage wars of aggression, and is encouraged to request assistance from the other signatory if necessary. The assistance can be political, financial, or military, but may also includes aid in any other form. Should either party choose to engage in an offensive war, they are obligated to give the other party at least 48 hours notice.

Section V: Keeping Informed:

Both signatories agree that engagement in all significant inter alliance wars shall be shared between leaders of each signed alliance before hostilities are persued. Failure to do so is cause for cancellation of this contract. Minor hostilities need not be reported between the alliance leaders. For the purposes of this document, "significant" will be defined as "any hostilities where more than 30% of the respective alliances membership is involved." Important international information must be shared between the two alliance’s leaders; failure to forward vital information can result in the cancellation of this treaty.

Section VI: AID:

The signatories of this treaty agree aid is central to the growth of new and developing nations, both recognize the need for each to have control over there domestic affairs and as such Inter-alliance Aid shall be given only if both signatories agree. The primary source of aid for new and developing nations shall be from their own alliance. Demands for aid, from individual nations will be ignored and reported to both alliance leaders.

Section VII: Cancellation:

This Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact will be canceled should any of the above clauses are not followed correctly. Additionally it may be canceled upon the request of either signatory, given 2 days notice and an explanation as to why the agreement is to become void is submitted to the other alliance. This treaty will be considered Void should a separate treaty of a higher level is presented, and passed by both parties.

Signed for Nueva Vida :

Emperor -- raasaa

Lord of Brotherhood -- Hizzy

Lord of the Exchequer -- Bomber66

Lord of the Interior -- pd73bassman

Lord of War -- Lord Ditka

Imperator -- Magicalbricks

High Priest -- Nelchael

Signed for ARES:

President: Joe Stupid

Vice President:Lord Kresden

Director of Defense:Gngerman

Director of Internal Affairs : v0.0v

Director of Finance : Perandori

Director of Recruitment : Lord Hood 77th

Director of Foreign Affairs :Barix9

tl:dr = ARES-NV MDoAP

Edited by Joe Stupid
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o/ NV

Also, Hizzy was sub par? did you make sure it was the *real* Hizzy and not that fake Hizzy that's always running about the place?

Oh no, pictures confirm it was indeed the real Hizzy.

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