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Helzan's first Aircraft Squadron

King Kevz

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Today is a very important day for the Helzan as they have managed to design, produce and provide trained pilots for the nation's first ever aircraft squadron. The squadron is made up of eight aircraft all of the designation H-16 and are flown by the best pilots in the nation. The H-16 is a single seat muli-role fighter which can engage either air targets or ground forces depending on its loadout for its current mission. More aircraft are in production at this current time and more air crews are being trained in how to fly this birds of war. e managed to get an interview with Ilya Petrovic the female pilot who is leading the squadron.

HNS Reporter: "Mrs Petrovic first I would like to say it is an honour to be able to speak with you. What is it like to be in command of Helzan's first airforce squadron?"

Ilya Petrovic: "Thank you. I must say it is a great honour to be in command of such a squadron of aircraft and its pilots and that I am proud that the High General has given me this command and I hope to show everyone that that trust is not misplaced."

HNS Reporter: "I see. If this squadron had been active during the latest war in Europe could it have made a difference?"

Ilya Petrovic: "I am afraid I can not answer that and if you could excuse me I have duties to attend to."

HNS Reporter: "Of course. A woman of few words but strong actions. This is John Doe for HNS reporting to you live from Hel Military Airport."


A image capture of one of the H-16's on its test flight.

OOC: 1 IG aircraft = 8 RP aircraft for my nation. A little less than the norm but evens it out for my nation's military experience.

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HNS Report.

The Helzan workers at the factories have really managed to pull ahead of expectations in building the aircraft needed to field the Helzan airforce. A total of three hundred and fourty four aircraft have been built and sent to their airfields to meet their air crews that gives the Helzan airforce a fighting force of fourty four squadrons which has please both the military generals and the High General. Word is that even more aircraft are expected to be built shortly and we can only wish their makers the best of luck.

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