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United Purple Nations Elections


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I'm happy to announce that elections recently took place within the UPN with the following results:

Altheus- Founder of the UPN

Hansarius- Chancellor

Warlord Nazrag- Minister of Foreign Affairs

Becks for Dinner- Minister of Internal Affairs

Ancient Iago- Minister of Communications

Magister Agricolarum- Minister of Defense

DonVox- Minister of Finances

Abdur- Minister of Recruitment

Please note that not all Junior Ministry positions are yet to be finalised, but if you're in #UPN looking for government the above should certainly be able to help you.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to say thank you to all the friends and allies that UPN has been lucky enough to have over the years. No alliance is an island and without your support and friendship life just wouldn't be as good. I only hope that we can reciprocate as much in return.



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Hmmm, Balsamic beat me to it. <_< I don't see Bones' name...where did you bury him? Nevertheless, congratulations to all the newly elected. I heard the Deputy positions are forced to be gophers for the Ministers though, so I don't know if you are going to find many takers for those positions. :P

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