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a NEW Milestone


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Greetings Planet Bob

sorry to interupt your Scheduled regularly nothing..

NEW have 2 things to say :

1. We Win the Cybernations..


2. We Win the Race to 3M NS with WAPA..

it's been a tough race WAPA, and i am glad NEW finally made it..

that is all folks..

Thanks for your time and party #indo (Bring your own cookies)

/s/ 135 Warriors of Nusantara

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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

Much :wub: to our beloved allies at TPF, TOOL, FEAR

and to our Friends in Poison Clan and FOK.. :)

Well done, looks like you guys really know what you're doing in the :nuke: department too.

you can blame Suryanto Tan for that..

he re-wrote our Nation building Guide and Put Manhattan Project as 1st Wonder :P

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Zomg GantanX, your finally joining the big boys club & sitting in 3 mill with us...to bad you didnt make it sooner before we are about to jump to the bigger boys table... :(

Hahahha...now i can use "the big boys badge" :P

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