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Coast Treaty


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Article I - Sovereignty

Each of the nations bearing a signature on this document hereby declare that they will uphold the values and honor of said signatories sovereignty.

Article II - Intelligence

Each signatory of this document and treaty agree to share any intelligence amongst one another if said information pertains a possible threat to the sovereignty of any signatory. The information is to be shared privately unless both signatories agree to release the information to the public.

Article III - Economic Assistance

Each signatory agrees to allow free trade and open borders with the other signatory, and each signatory agrees to provide economic assistance to the other signatory should it ever be needed. All signatory ports are open to civilian vessels of the other signatories during peace time and during war. Military vessels are only allowed in ports during times of war. To ease and promote trade and commerce amongst the signatories, each signatory will maintain free trade with one another and commit to a safe border to maximize the ease of crossing for one anothers citizens.

Article IV - Mutual Defense

The signatories of this document agree that in the event of a foreign party actively pursuing hostile actions against one signatory, the other signatory will be required to defend the attacked signatory with full military support.

Article V - Military Assistance

In the event one of the signatories of this document actively use military actions against a foreign power, the other signatory will commit to side diplomatically with the signatory and is strongly encouraged to make use of military actions against the foreign power as well. Each signatory shall be permitted to use its military to any extent it deems necessary.

Article VI - Military Integration

The militaries of each signatory commit to use of standardized equipment and routine training with one another. Both signatories pledge to maintain a common border defense system including, but not limited too, unified missile, air and coastal defensive systems.

Article VII

In case a wholly new political and social order, very distinct from the past status quo, arises within the boundaries of either signatory, either of them become entitled to deem this document null and void. A bare minimum of 100 hours notice shall be issued by the party wishing to cancel the treaty.

Signed for the Republic of New England,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, President


Signed for the Tahoe Republic,

President Sean O'Deaghaidh


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New England confirms this. May it prosper!

OOC: As for the size of my flag...shut up.

OOC: I wouldn;t dream of commenting on your puny-sized flag... :P

IC: Promised Land offers congratulations to the signatories of this pact.

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