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A Two Year Anniversary


A Handy Tool From the Past (From my prospective, at least.)  

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It's been the two years (OKAY! AND A MONTH!) since it's conception.

Two years and a month since the birth of:


Of all the things that have happened in the past, this is the only thing that I truly miss out of all of them.


Note: This thread is for nostalgia purposes only. Archon would like it if you did not try to recreate the meter!

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Why, the poster in your image there is quite sexy, if I may say so myself.

Edit: ib bigwoody yells at me to put my old Tonberry avvy back on.

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62 to 1?

Damn...we'll see folks, we'll see. It got tough near finals time, which is what I'm nearing now, though if I once again have people like Heyman and OPA helping it would be easy enough to do.

It's either that or hold off your drama til mid May :P

But joking aside - I'll think about it.

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