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Newfoundland military news


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King Tim has ordered a large number of bases, training centers, and research facilities be built. They will be constructed using any person who has been convicted of a criminal offense and has not yet complete their term, as well as by hiring construction crews.

Research (Red):

Air/Land: North and South side of Lloyds River where it connects with the southwestern tip of Red Indian Lake. Will include a large airfield, hangars, air tunnel, land testing area, model testing area, etc (Basically everything you need to design a plane/missile or land weapon)

Naval: Westernmost tip of Bell Island


Land (Green): Avalon Peninsula - West of St. Johns, Southern Long Range Mountains - East of Cape Ray, Grand Falls - Northeast of Grand Falls, Orange Bay - West of Harbour Deep, East Arm of Bonne Bay - West of Lomond

Navy (Black): Western Merasheen Island - slightly north of Merasheen, Orange Bay - Pigeonniere Arm

Air (Blue): Orange Bay - Soufflets Arm, Burin Peninsula - West of Winterland, Avalon Peninsula - northwest of Bay Bulls, Gander Bay - South of Gander Bay, Southwestern Long Range Mountains - South of South Branch, Deer Lake - West of Deer Lake, Green Bay - West of Burlingtown

Training Centers:

Navy: St. Johns

Air: Windsor

Land: Grand Falls

OOC: For clarification the order is (general area) - (more exact locations). Just to make them easier to find on a map. A map to help:


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With the construction of the bases well underway the military has ordered the mass recruitment of 420,000 people to join the Newfoundland military, they will be ordered to help in the construction of the military buildings which will house them once completed.

OOC: Basically starting to form a large military and keeping them busy with building stuff.

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