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The Empire of Russia

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The Russian Empire

The Empire of Russia, founded due to the unruliness of lands of Russia the people there need stability and our Government System established with a lengthly Constitution ensuring all Citizens of the Empires have rights, there is a proper government structure with a Duma that the citizens vote people in, and the Council of the Empire which is the upper house.

I as Emperor work in conjunction with the government and is not a absolute monarchy where only i have say in what happens.

We need more members 17 is not enough! can't even have elections yet due to there being so few people =/

The Empire seeks citizens for its expanding borders and needs YOU! to be that person to fill the ranks, there are many positions within the Empire so there won't be a dull moment here. The Empire cannot really be considered an Alliance per say as of yet being one clueless idiot who wanted to gun it out and lead a bunch of people to victory lol

Why should you really join me?

Good question we are a white team color alliance so it is least likely you have to convert in terms of colors and can keep the trade you currently have. I cannot offer you petty bribes like a lot of the bigger alliances do to get you to join them but i can offer you a place in a small but emerging alliance that will be a positive example of an alliance for all, there be no hating here, the Government of Russia will ensure everyone has a fair say in the Empires Governance and that no one and i mean NO One will ever be left out everyone has a voice here.

Sign up here: http://russianempire.forummotion.com/portal.htm

We even have a Twitter :oTwitter of the Empire

I do my best as Emperor of Russia and hope you do the good thing and sign up!

Member of Mitteleuropa so we are protected well so do not even think about it!

Мы работаем вместе, как один, мы боремся, как один, как мы дышим, мы являемся одним!

Roughly meaning

We work together as one, we fight as one, as we breathe, we are one!

Edited by Emperor Nicholas II
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I rule the very center of Asia in South Russia. Are you Toournament or normal? XD

Wait........can we have one normal mode and one in tournament?

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