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Ex-CN Talk Show Guests

Electron Sponge

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Where you at mother$%&@ers? Is this the lamest "ex" thread ever? Is this about to be an ex-thread? Stay tuned and perhaps AirMe will pop in and ask us all a question from the studio audience.

I enjoy it when AirMe gets the Continuum stooges on the air with me, that always turns into fun.

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I was on the show with Delta, Dilber, and Archon. I was also the first one to drop the F-bomb during the show. :awesome:

You mean the Dilber and Archon show, amirite?

AirMe still hasn't invited me to be a guest >:(

Me neither ;_;

Infact have any eurofinegentleman been on? AirMe the big zenophobe! I see how it is!

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