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New Player Nation Guide

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Nation Guide

originally compiled by Rysonia with contributions from many other players

Population Happiness Level: Many things affect this and the higher it is the better off you are. To see the number click on the smiley and hit ctrl-A. Keep in mind though; don't try to keep your pop happiness higher if a lower pop happiness gets you more taxes from your people. I have on numerous times seen nations that cost themselves 2 dollars a citizen in an attempt to keep their people happier. Pop happiness has one purpose and one purpose only, to get you the most money from your people possible.

Waging War: First off you can't wage war if you are less then 3 days old. So don't even bothering deploying troops overseas. It's a waste of resources. Nor can you be declared on in that time. A good hint is to be sure not to attack a member of any Alliance as you will soon find yourself outgunned and the higher ranked nations will send aid down the line which will swiftly lead to you spending the next month or so just trying to recover from the war. As a general rule if you are a unaligned attacking another unaligned don't post it in the forums, some of the older players have forgotten what it is to be a new player exploring the options of the game and get rather pissy about it. So unless you want several alliances (and random bigger unaligned) rudely ganging up on you I would suggest just testing the war features quietly. They may not be able to declare war on you personally, but they can send quite a bit of funds to your enemy.

Trade: Trade in team, I can't stress that enough, trading with a team member gives you a +1 pop happiness bonus every time you do it. Also look at the trade options (found on the forums, link provided in game), take what you need don't just take the first four trades sent to you. Temp trades can be useful, but don't be afraid to cancel trades and take new ones. The search function allows you to search for resource combos even within a specific team. Please though, be courteous to other players and let them know when you are canceling a trade. And doing it after the update and not right before is nice too. Also letting them know if and when you switch teams is nice as well, as a general rule I tell everyone before canceling a trade, unless they switched teams without informing me. If they do that I see nothing wrong in canceling the trade at whim with no notice sent.

Lands: Land grows on it's own. You will find in the beginning that you rarely need to purchase additional land on your own. (If it highlights as red though you had better purchase some). Older nations do find themselves needing to buy some for the purpose of keeping a good environment and happy citizens.

Infrastructure: You gain 7-10 citizens per infra purchased. New nations take my advice, buy Infra. Pure and simple all nations started out simply buying Infra as long as nothing was in the red. This is how the top 300 became the top 300. Infrastructure increases your daily income. And yes it gets more expensive as time goes on. (PS: When you get into the higher ranks I recommend saving up and buying in blocks of 10 to cut back on costs)

Tech: As always I recommend not purchasing tech until you can afford to purchase half a level at the least without saving. Yes it is very useful, but don't hurt your nation trying to get it. As a note Tech goes up in costs the more you have, older nations are always looking for cheaper Tech. After 5 Tech you can send 1/3 of your Tech in aid. Try finding older nations willing to buy some from you. If it costs you 12k a level and them 19k a level I assure you they will have no issue with buying from you for 15k a level, both making you a profit and saving them some funds. (PS: I always recommend saving up and buying in block amounts of 10, as it gets more expensive the more you own)

Improvements: These are very useful true, expensive but very useful. You can have 1 per every 1000 citizens. Everyone I have spoken to recommends a harbor first as it gains you an extra trade slot making you more money. If you are selling Tech though you may find the Foreign Ministries more cost affective for your first building as that opens another aid slot for you.

Environment: Various things affect environment. Seriously newer nations don't worry about this yet. Older nations if you haven't found the Easter Egg Page by now that gives information on this what is holding you up? Seriously though, if you can't find the page ask a friend.

Military: To start out soldiers is all you can buy. As you get more infra (hence more soldiers) you'll be able to buy tanks and as you gain tech you'll be able to start buying cruise missiles. Nuclear weapons require you to be in the top 5%, trust me you don't want them until you are well established in that ranking (Preferably in the top 3%). They are expensive, saving for them will cost you in ranks and they can make others look at you as a potential threat, especially given the infrequent rogue attacks such as the one that struck down the top 6 awhile back. And yes the nations that did that are now back at the bottom of the rankings, I wouldn't recommend following their example if you like your nation.

Alliances: Alliances are player driven and are very useful in my opinion. They grant you protection when you are attacked and aid when you truly need it. That being said they also cost you some freedoms as well. Very few Alliances will allow you to attack at whim, those that do generally get demolished when one of their members attacks another (and usually bigger) alliance. Expect that you are going to have to get permission to go to war before joining an alliance. Some alliances are more lenient as well.

Teams: These are Trading Spheres and for trading purposes only. If a team member attacks you chances are most people won't really care (it would be different if it was an ally). If you are unaligned and are at war and require help I would recommend offering money to other nations near you in rank to assist you. No one is obligated to assist you from your team; they are not in a sort of agreement with you so one could potentially declare war on you. That is the way of the Cyber Verse I am sorry. And I mention this here because many new players have mistaken ideas of what teams are, often older players for a lark help to continue this miss-impression and I apologize for them if they have done this to you. Also if an alliance is threatening you (presuming you have truly done nothing wrong) it is beyond time you found an alliance. Certain alliances take pleasure in threatening newer players for no other reason then they can. That is wrong, but sadly with our current system not much can be done about it.

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