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The fall of the North


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"With war, came debt, with debt came fights, with fights came bloodshed."

- NNE State University Head, Vladimir Chekov (deceased)

Brok Yeltzy, age 18, dead.

"Three wars and the people in the capital are starving. The government takes even when we all work. We work for the benefit of the nation, and we hope to recieve fairness within the nation. No, this is not possible as it seems that we are all going to starve to death before we recieve our share. Policy is not going according to plan. I solely blame the government for no action."

Within writing this report to the NNE Post, the official online newspaper, he was reportedly killed in a rush of a crowd trying to access the market across the street. They killed him to reach his roof.

"Take over a million strong, educated and trained citizens and make them angry. You have a riot and a half. Now make several power hungy. You now have chaos."

In an effort to save themselves amongst the Chaos, the people went to Artemis. A vote was called by the people to have them loan a fotune in return for a large amount to be paid later. The government refused.

Chairman Gage:

The people do not see how weak this will make us appear if we sign this document. We are not weak, we stand tall.

"We cant stand tall if I cant stand up from hunger."


Recent taking over of the Vatican City shows signs of Mykep being alive. A document reading for his immediate travel to another country was found within the city. Artemis handed it to the people who decided it was the end of the line.

The New Northern Empire came to a close when 300,000 citizens bum rushed the capital and killed everyone inside. Chairman Gage was reported castrated with fishing knives then stabbed several times with his removed femur which was sharpened to a point.

The people pleaded to Artemis for protection, they granted it.

OOC: I know its a terrible RP. Give me a break, I left my real one on the other computer. Stupid Easter vacation. I'll post it when I get it back.

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OOC: Uh-oh.

IC: Zakhev said when he heard the news, "If Mykep lives, he can prove that Yuktobania was supporting them in the coup and force a revoluition in my country." He turned to his generals, "Close the border with the NNE, and send in helicopter to rescue any surviving staff.

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