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States divided


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Atlantian States have all agreed to redraw and divide their borders and land. From the original 7 Atlantian states, 6 new states have been created. Here is a map of the new borders in the Federation.


AL- Altea, capital: Cleveland

O- Ohio, capital: Columbus

AP- Appalachia, capital: Clarksburg

WV- West Virginia, capital: Charleston

RV- Rebel Virginia, capital: South Hill

EV- East Virginia, capital: Williamsburg

V- Virginia, capital: Richmond

Unmarked, really state of Columbia, capital: Washington

M- Maryland, capital: Annapolis

D- Delaware, capital: Dover

SP: South Pennsylvania, capital: Philadelphia

NP- North Pennsylvania, capital: Scranton

WNY- West New York, capital: Buffalo

Along with this change comes a change to our flag. Instead of the current version with the Union Flag in the Union, we will have 13 stars on a blue Union, arranged in a circle.

Here is a picture of the current flag:


Compared with the new one:


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