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The Starting of End


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The Northern Empire Artemis Global Security, GTI Asia HQ Factory Complex

The amazing sale* was stopped early by Artemis soilders & security after finding thousands of soilders attempting to escape throughout the asian Artemis Global Security. GTI did not comment on this. With the amazing sale done and over with, the rest of the civilian goods were "given" to Artemis Global Security, as GTI would have no room on their cargo ships. With the extra manpower, the facility was cleaned up far quicker, the materials being sent to the cargo ships in the harbor.

While they were packing, Artemis Global Security came in to secure the facility and ensure that no one was sneaking anything anywhere, and to prevent anyone from escaping. However, before they got there, the employees managed to hide all of the weapons stockpiles. Some were hidden away around the facility, some were disposed of, some were even put in the trucks to take to the cargo ships; in the hope that they would not be found. Explosives also were wired to these locations, all of the wiring coming to a central hub behind a heavy, locked door.

The cargo ships arriving in the Harbor begin to load the materials, unknowing that the ships were loaded with explosives, ready to detonate at the designated time. And unlike the regular civilian ships, they were not inspected. Although the harbor master was currently buying a plane and rushing his family there.

*The Amazing Sale was a special auction several miles from the factory complex with special deals & selling prices so low, that nearly everyone that saw the ad's in The Northern Empire (and were close) came, clogging up roads quickly.

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Dragonisian monitors fell into disagreement With GTI's actions. Their private monitors advised a sell-off to the Sovereign Wealth Fund. The price of GTI's shares plummeted globally as they were liquidated and an extremely STRONG short position fell down on their capital like a giant hammer almost worth the entire value of the company..

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