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Looking for an alliance


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Mods- please move this topic to the right place, if it is not where it should be


I am looking for an alliance.

The bigger and stronger the better. Alliance that seeks to provide for its membership.

Message me in game,

Keep it formal and to the point. I absolutely hate to read extra stuff when i get quite a few messages.


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Ok folks,

So yeah I did join NPO,

After 5 long days of going through the interrogation, I was accepted.

Then After reading pages and pages of academy material, i took a long exam which i passed.

then few hours later I was denied membership.

The reason that was given to me was: "I am not welcomed at NPO" (I still haven't been toled why exactly was my application rejected)

What i know was it was warranted and I was asked to look for another alliance.


So Is there still an alliance that wants me,

a Nation who has been rejected by the biggest strongest and most advance alliance in the game.

Seriously If you do, dont make me wait a week, accept me, make me take an academy and then reject me.

It is really rude and wastes alot of time for both the alliance and the applicant.

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Legion welcomes all.

We have a great community, friendly people, and aid to go around.

If you hit-up our History, we used to be floating around #2 and peaked at #1 for a short period.

we also hold the most members ever at about 1500+.

Now we're broken and damaged, but that's alright, goal of this game is to build to the top, and since we're rebuilding to the top, you have more to work, fight, and possibly ZI'd for.

Trust me, our standard recruitment message isn't as simplistic as this, I'm just doing this to at least have a shot at getting you to join us.

Link's in the picture of my Sig, just click it.

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