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The UINE has special needs!


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Well hello there CyberVerse!

I'm Keve69, Monarch of the UINE (Union of Integrated National Entities). For those of you who don't know us we are a new alliance and our organizaization has been growing at an exillarating pace, we've reached 87 members in 3 weeks!

However this leaves us with a major problem! All of our members are very low strength, and our average strength is extremely small (not even 3k!) :(

What we need now is some players with experience:

1) players who can fill government positions (we have some higher echelon ones still open)

2) players who want to help a team of genuine NEW players to CN, help them learn the game and get hooked! (you know you wanna fell like a pusher! jk)

3) players who can boost our ANS

4) dedicated and active players who are willing to take this alliance, with all its potential, way up there!

I leave a few links for you guys:

http://uine.darkbb.com/ (our forums)

#uine (our irc channel)

http://uine.darkbb.com/alliance-documents-...itution-t21.htm (our constitution)

http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=305691 (my nation)

So if anyone is interested, wants to have a hand in shaping an emerging alliance and have a good time with a great community, just come and sign up on our forums!

Alternatively, if anyone wants to know more about us, open government positions (there are some in all fields of government), or anything else for that matter, please pm and I will respond as rapidly as possible.


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