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Hey, I know people want to start a war and what better reason than "You have ex-LUE scum in your alliance!" :v: I'm just doing my civic duty, that's all.

But no, really. I'm kinda curious as to who stuck around, and now is apparently the perfect time to ask or something.

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This is lulz.

My first ZI was for LUE during GWII. Granted, it was only 1000 infra lost, but back then that was a lot to me.

Of course.. that's also when I thought that when you got ZI'd.. your nation got deleted.. hah. Silly newb, Trix are for kids!

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Honestly, I'm surprised bros hadn't already made this topic.

I was tempted to defneisladadlskasdasdkl

At least in a year's time, bros can include this in one of his "I remember when..." threads :v:

Yes you youngin :P

LUE was a fun time. Especially coming in one night to find NPO declared on us. That was probably the most fun night in all of CN.

That was fun, especially since I was one of the only people on on k8s was like "WTF SHOULD I DO"

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Kamichi making LUE and NPO teams in Pro Evolution Soccer and then LUE losing in the simulation between the two was pretty funny. A lot of good times were had.

:o I remember watching this. Is there even a jump attribute in PES?

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