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Dragon Bloc MDP with Hansa.

Maelstrom Vortex

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ooc: The Interactions resulting in this accord will be posted tomorrow.


1. Signatories agree not to war with each other.

2. Signatories of this treaty agree to free trade.

3. Signatories of this treaty grant freedom of military movement through their sovereign domains so long as the intent is solely transit.

4. Signatories of this treaty agree to allow the free flow of capital financing between their respective nations in terms of private investment and ownership.

5. Signatories of this treaty agree to share intelligence of any geostrategic threats to their partners as soon as they become aware.

6. Signatories of this treaty pledge to co-operate in scientific research and development. (ooc: This allows Signatories to take advantage of a tech-sharing option if they wish and it would be beneficial. Please consult the tech-sharing formula in my signature.)

7. This treaty may be canceled anytime with a 24 hours Notice.

8. Signatories agree to defend each other in the event of war.

9. Hansa is granted Observer Status in the Dragon Bloc, though this may be revoked at any time.

Maelstrom Vortex,

-- Chairman of Council of Dragonisia

-- Chairman of the Dragon Bloc, signing on its behalf

Sarah Tintagyl

--Lady Protector of the Hanseatic Commonwealth

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OOC: Isn't this a little redundant, MV? I can't remember for certain, but I'm pretty sure you yourself are a member of the Australasian Coalition. Probably a better idea would be a treaty between the AC and the Dragon Bloc.

IC: Promised Land congratulates the signatories on this agreement.

Edited by Subtleknifewielder
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