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Ten large, unmarked, and flagless ships had been sailing around the East side of Australia for days. They were headed to a target in the Pacific, but, due to its location, a roundabout route had to be taken. There would likely be some problems when it came to the Republic of Tanis, Confusianism, and the Phillipines Freestate, but little had been heard from those nations in recent times.

The target was chosen while at sea. The captains had convened and chosen their targets. Ten had wanted to hit one nation in particular. Not out of malic or an elaborate plan, but simply for the fact they were recognized as a major world power in suppling well trained military assets. It was pure luck that they happened to have territory relatively near by.'


Down in the gloomy hold of a mid-sized vessel a small portable lantern glows .

Captain Abbiss, of the 165th BZ-RK company, looked over the rough maps of the target. They wern't detailed satalite maps, since Dranagg had no satalites, and only listed general geography and the major population center of the target.

He wasn't very concerned with this lack of information though. This was ment to be combat, not a prolonged invasion. If they take the islands, so be it, if not, then there is no problem. In fact the only real problem is there might not be a fight there when they arrive. The target is so far from the power base of the nation they are attacking that there might not be and defenses at all. Of course if they wait long enough a proper reponse should come to them.

"Lieutenant Zu, make sure the troopers start prepping their gear. We are nearing the straights owned by the Republic of Tanis. There shouldn't be trouble, but we have a destination to get to. Getting stuck in infernal political beuracry so near the target is not what we came to do."

Zu was sitting at a small desk on the back wall of the room. Hearing the captain he stopped his work and looked up at the man at the map. "Yes sir, should I signal the other companies?"

"No, they already know where we are going, but since we are lead ship we have to find the right way through this mess of islands."

Zu nods slowly. "Well There is always a bright side sir. If they stop us, we can have a new target. They are quite the conquesting nation themselves, and we could always use a nice beach resort in this area anyway."

The captain nods slightly "Just make sure the illusions are kept up when we enter the straights between Java and Sumatra. This is the first test of if they can be BZ-RK. That means being able to trick the enemy. "

"It would help if the politicians didn't tell everyone, every year, when we leave though.", Zu says quietly.

The captain pauses, looking into space, "Don't be so silly. Then this would be pointlessly easy."

"Vanaar-jet, sir"

"Vanaar-jet, Zu"

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