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A Mushroom Kingdom Declaration of War


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The Mushroom Kingdom Declares War

The Mushroom Kingdom comes before you today with grave news: We have been spied upon by the United Blue Directorate. They did this in an effort to breach our alliance's securty and withdraw vital information with respect to our military. This is a grevious offense. We were able to isolate the spy by means of the excellent efforts of bros, our Castellan of the Keep, and Trace, our Prince. Through their vigilance, they were able to figure out precisely who the perpetrator was - the United Blue Directorate's Minister of Defense and Intelligence, mdnss.

We approached the United Blue Directorate's top level leadership, and opened dialogues with Slybomber. He played the part of a distressed leader perfectly, and offered up a match on our IP. He implicated Bahman, his Assistant Minister of Internal Affairs. Something seemed wrong, and as we delve deeper we discovered they were attempting to deceive us in an effort to mitigate damage and conceal the extent of their misdeeds. Once we untangled their web of lies, Slybomber finally confessed. They have spied on multiple alliances, though they claim they cannot identify any others, and have been collecting their guides. They have been doing this for some time now, and have been posting them on a board viewable by their entire government.

Never once did Slybomber, or any member of UBD's governemt, try to stop this foul operation. When approached, they lied to us, and they deceived us. We contacted them and their allies, for we were greatly concerned. Ultimately, after receiving counsel from their allies in the NADC, NPO, and GDA, as well as conferring with our own, we have decided on the following as a fair course of action:

We will follow the honorable model of the New Sith Order and engage the United Blue Directorate in a short, punitive engagement. This engagement will not be long, and we will by no means seek or enforce harsh terms of surrender. We will not seek their disbandment, nor do we intend to raze their nations to the ground. We spoke with many alliances in the Blue sphere, and as we are very aware of the harmony of colors in this game we gave our word that we will not disrupt the Blue sphere. We intend to keep it. We will *not* condone the use of nuclear weaponry, nor will we condone the use of spies to deplete our foe's nuclear stockpile. However, should either of these tactics be employed by the UBD, we will respond in turn.

We will enforce a single term ZI upon Slybomber, for his deceit and complacency in this matter. We will enforce a single term ZI upon mdnss, for his attempt to spy against the Kingdom. And we will enforce a single term ZI upon Bahman, for attempting to cover it up.

We are a simple alliance. We do not believe in bitter revenge, or acting out of anger. We will not PZI these nations, or any nation of the UBD, unless they do some grevious misdeed to warrant it. We will not destroy their alliance, and when this war is done, we will not extort from them technology or money. We will help them get back to their feet, and we will work together with alliances like the NADC and their brothers and sisters in Agora to help the Blue sphere regain a valuable ally.

Should any of you have legitmate reason to question the motivation of the Mushroom Kingdom, I invite you to contact a member of our high goverment (myself, Trace, SirWilliam, AirMe, or Azaghul) so that we can allay your concerns personally. We would post logs, but as they hinge on IPs held therein, and we do not wish to violate the privacy of anyone, we have chosen to do it this way instead. I hope that this will be brief, and that the UBD will learn their lesson well and emerge as a better alliance for it.

Signed this 13th day of April, 2009


King of the Mushroom Kingdom

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