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The Death and The Ressurection

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When Leviathan and ONE merged to form the Syndicate 8 days ago we started to immediately review the current treaties we held to not only make sure we were on the same page diplomatically but to also give our allies to address concerns, praises, etc. for the new alliance. Tonight we announced an update on two of those treaties.

On Feb. 28th Leviathan and The Galactic Republic signed the Dead Space accords, a PIAT. After talking with the government of TGR about the future of our treaty we have decided to part ways for the time being. Neither alliance holds any ill will towards the other and its my hope that one day our paths may cross again. We came to this decision over 48 hours ago and thus we have reached an amicable cancellation of the Dead Space Accords.

On March 22nd Leviathan and Genesis signed the "we're hijacking the boat accords," a PIAT. This was the embodiment of what had become a budding relationship between our alliances. The Leviathan embassy was jamm packed with posts on the Genesis forums (mostly spam, much to Templars chagrin) and we have had the pleasure of working with each other towards a more prosperous blue trading sphere. With that in mind I am Pleased to announce that both parties have decided to resign this treaty and continue to see how far this relationship goes. Therefore i am honored to present to you the following treaty, resurrected in all its glory!!


A PIAT between Genesis and The Syndicate

We're Hijacking the Boat


In the spirit of strengthening a friendly bond and peaceful relations, The Syndicate and Genesis agree to uphold the following articles of this Peace, Intelligence, and Aid Treaty.

Article I - Respect

Both signatories will treat each other with respect and common decency. Constructive criticism and healthy debate is encouraged, with both parties remaining civil and courteous to each other.

Article II - Peace

Neither signatory will engage in or endorse military actions, threats of hostility, sanctions, or any other aggression actions, against the other. If a member of either signatory is found in violation, that member will be notified to cease and desist immediately. The offender will be informed to pay compensation to the attacked nation if the issue was one of military action. If the violation was of another nature, the consequences will be decided by the governing bodies of both signatories.

Article III - Communications

The members of both alliances will endeavor to remain in contact with each other via forums, IRC, or any other preferred method of communication. All communications will be conducted in a courteous manner, with good humor throughout.

Article IV - Intelligence

If either signatory discovers information that is relevant to the interests or security of the other, the discovering signatory is obliged to share said information in a timely manner via private channels. The source of said information may be left undisclosed.

Article V - Assistance

Financial assistance between the two signatories is encouraged, but is strictly voluntary. Military assistance between the two signatories may be requested through private channels, but is also strictly voluntary. Declining any manner of assistance is not grounds for terminating this treaty.

Article VI - Trade

Both signatories agree to have their members trade with each other when and where possible.

Article VII - Termination

Either signatory may terminate this pact with at least 5 days notice, and the reason(s) for termination, to be conveyed privately between the governing bodies of each signatory. This treaty may be upgraded with the necessary approval of the respective alliances government.

Signed for Genesis,

Templar, Trinity

empirica, Trinity

flygirl, Trinity

Minister of Foreign Affairs: The Master

Minister of Internal Affairs: PierreG

Minister of Defense: Retriloumis

Minister of Recruitment: mikey

Minister of Communications: Mantooth

Signed for The Syndicate,

Carter, The Don

Elborrador, The Consigliere

Caesar833, Boss of Weapons & !@#$

Murtagh Boss of Foreign Affairs

Letub, Boss of Finance

KingSVH, Boss of internal affairs

this treaty review process is still on going and we encourage our former allies of Leviathan and ONE to pop into #syndicate and chat us up.

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