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ex-NADC members


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NADC is the equivalent of GUARD. Go away.

Unnecessary post is unnecessary. Go away.

- - -

The above silliness aside... whats good Belmont, I miss the old days with you, DoomKid, DavidleClair et all... it was truly saddening when you guys left, though your intentions were noble. I never approved of what happened. "Atlantic Sentinels" or something - was supposed to be a military fast-response wing of NADC iirc.

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I was the scandalous xxxBelmontxxx; a foresaken Judas to an emperor gone mad. :D

Wehay! You were the man that recruited me. :)

Tungsten, I agree. I miss the good ol' days.... but some semi-old members are coming back; President Kent, J Andres, NumberNoob/Lord Damien, etc.

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First 6 months of my nation were in NADC (Dec 2006 - June 2007).

Best start I could have wished for: Great starter guides (ok, they turned out to be stolen), great leader (ok, Charles seems to also have had issues), and great members (ok, Belmont just called himself out... :-) )

Still, I'd do it all again - I think... :-)

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