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EX-CDS members


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Sadly enough, right here.

I was CDS before Filipinoboi122 left, left the same day as him.

I enjoyed conversing with Fili, still do rarely on IRC, but it isnt the same as when he idled in #CDS on esper.

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I left the )): Legion )): and flocked to CDS in late December of '06 to fight ze ebil NPO. Stayed with it till I founded DefCon, more or less, and even left DefCon for a bit to fight in the UJW for CDS, heh. Then went back to DefCon, where I was, minus a short vacay or two (in Au and TOP), till DefCon joined TOOL, my current alliance.

:wub: Mogz & Croix :wub: Don't recognize the rest of you. :o

Well Wickistan rings a bell somewhere somehow.

EDIT: Also, lol:


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My memory is a bit hazy, but I think that guy single handedly destroyed CDS.

Also, it was my first alliance ever.

Sel was the one who ordered the first strike nukings of GOONS, we all blame him for most of it.

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Currently, the gramlins. CDS was by far the best atmosphere. Though it's probably the reason it isn't around... Piss poor leadership after Rambo left and iLL retired.

Generally speaking we did not a damn thing but spam.

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