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5 BR Aqua Trade Circle


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Harbor is necessary.

Aluminum: walker's Ludoga

Cattle: D3filed's Ararina

Coal: walker's Ludoga

Fish: Rlaur's Land Of Zeppelins

Iron: mcean18's Dusty Lounge

Lumber: Vacant

Marble: D3filed's Ararina

Oil: Rlaur's Land Of Zeppelins

Rubber: mcsean18's Dusty Lounge

Uranium: Ephemeral's Aphelion Collective

Water: Vacant

Wheat: Ephemeral's Aphelion Collective


Infra purchase: -42%

Infra upkeep: -26%

Pop increase: 21%

Happiness increase: 9 (this number will be higher after team color bonus)

Environment: +1

Soldier efficiency: +38%

Soldier purchase: -$6

Tank upkeep: -10%

Aircraft purchase: -16%

Aircraft limit: +10

Land area increase: 35%

Land purchase: -25%

BR: Asphalt, Automobiles, Beer, Construction, Steel

Use this format to reply

1) Nation Name:

2) Nation Ruler:

3) Nation Link:

4) Resources:

Once again, a harbor is necessary. This is an Aqua ring, no buts. Please give me a 72-hour notice if you are planning to drop from the circle. This will allow me to find someone to replace you.

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<i>Aren't you signed up for my circle?</i>

Yeah, but like I said in that other circle, one of the people who signed up for it was deleted and the other two didn't have harbors. Anyway you have been added.

OK fair enough...but the person was not deleted I posted the wrong link...so if you want to recruit people...I am willing to fund harbors...

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Alright I found a lumber/water trade...

he writes "To: mcsean18 From: Z3000 Date: 4/21/2009 2:09:23 PM

Subject: RE: Aqua Trade Circle

Message: all right. Just tell me who to trade with. Will switch to aqua "

Nation Name: the nation I own

Ruler: Z3000

Link: http://www.cybernations.net/nation_drill_d...ation_ID=309120

I believe that completes the circle...Please PM everyone a list of who is involved and their nation links.


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