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State of the Alliance


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State of the Alliance

This week has seen the Siberian Tiger Alliance remain at a steady at just over 200 members following a hold on recruitment. Our total nation strength is fast approaching the 2.8 million mark while our average nation strength has climbed to just over 13,500 thanks to the hold on recruitment.

In domestic news Tyga’s leave of absence has seen Uhtred fill his role as Acting Supreme Chancellor. Thanks to the self-efficiency of the ministries and several members of the alliance stepping up to help fill the absence of Tyga’s considerable bulk the transition has been seamless. In related news it saddens me to report that the STA’s market place has recently been flooded by Twinkies causing concerns of inflation hitting the alliance. Initial analysis of the problem points to the absence of the natural predator of Twinkies as the root of the issue.

Season 10 of the Siberian Trophy began this week with Batch taking up its familiar position at the front of the leading pack in the top division. Lysotine’s Los Banditos have taken an early lead in the lower division with Guam Geckos and Zavod Ural Solikamsk hot in pursuit.

In military news the alliance has been hit by several rogues this week. All incidents were swiftly resolved thanks to the work of the Siberian Guard and volunteers eager for some action and the chance to defend comrades.

In foreign affairs news the STA was approached last night concerning fake logs of Siberian government officials delivered to MA government detailing a supposed plot against MA. The logs which were shoddily faked were clearly a fabrication and MA was cooperative in assisting us in our attempts to uncover the source of these logs. The nation which delivered the logs has refused to divulge his source and doubts have been raised over the authenticity of the claim that he was merely passing on the logs. Until the source of the logs has been surrendered this nation will be sentenced to ZI for aiding and abetting an enemy of the alliance.

This week has again been one of steady growth in total strength and average strength as we seek to fully incorporate the recruits we’ve gained in the previous weeks into the alliance. The Siberian Tiger Alliance edges ever closer to the 3 million total strength mark in the next few weeks.

Za Sibir'!

Edited by Uhtred
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