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Reforms in the Union

Mergerberger II

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The Alexandrian Reformation

Today, His Royal Majesty Emperor Alexander I has approved a series of reforms in the Union of Western Europe. With these sweeping reforms, the Union will see a complete change in its structure and the behavior of the government, its policies, and the people of the Union. The reforms are listed below.

  • The disestablishment of the Grand Council
  • The establishment of the High Council
  • The establishment of German as the National Language
  • The disestablishment of any existing government religious institutions
  • The establishment of the Imperial Market System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Immigration System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Foreign Affairs System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Defense System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Education System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Healthcare System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Justice System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Labor System
  • The establishment of the Imperial Police Force
  • The establishment of the Nordic Free Trade Doctrine
  • The disestablishment of all Democratic policies and tendencies.
  • The establishment of "The People's Will"

What does this mean?

The Alexandrian Reformation Explained

The Grand Council was corrupt, as are all democratic governments. The elected officials taking and giving bribes to get votes, nothing worked. Thus, the disestablishment of the Grand Council is put into effect. It shall be replaced with the High Council, a council of appointed officials appointed by the Emperor or someone who he has given the authority to appoint officials to. They will act as the Emperor's advisers, and their majority vote shall be required on all matters.

The Union is a Nordic nation, and as a Nordic nation, it makes sense that we retain as much of Nordic culture as we possibly can, and that we can cooperate with our brothers in the Nordic Confederacy as well. Through this, we establish German as the National Language, it is now required of all children of the Union to learn German in order to pass school.

Obviously, there can be no interference of the Church or any other religious institution with the matters of State in the Union. Because of this, we hereby disestablish any existing government-based religious facilities.

The Imperial Market System is a system of relative free trade and capitalism. This system utilizes the will of the people to buy and sell as they please, and respects that. The people are allowed to do whatever they please with the market within Imperial regulations. The regulations are put in place in order to maintain stability within the market. These regulations are enforced by the Imperial Department of Commerce. These regulations prevent the collapse of the Imperial economy and the onset of depression, and through this help to ensure economic growth in the future.

The Imperial Immigration System is a system of immigration that completely ends the system of immigration left in place by former leaders of the Union. In order to ensure security of the Union, the borders of the Union are hereby closed to all but our allies. All incoming trade will still be allowed, as it is necessary to ensure a stable economy, however it will be strictly monitored, and any weapons found on board trading vessels larger than a pistil will be immediately confiscated, and the ship will be taken into custody. All those aboard the illegal vessel will be immediately arrested and put into prison for a minimum of 10 years. This policy exists for trade via land as well. The borders are hereby on lockdown, and all those attempting to immigrate/emigrate into/out of the Union will be required to show a passport and will be put through a series of tests to 1) Prove they are who they claim to be and 2) Prove that they have absolutely no intention of doing harm to the Union. Through this, we are safe.

The Imperial Foreign Affairs System states that the Union shall never be controlled by an external entity. We accept the founding principles of the Oranje Doctrine laid down by our first Prins, William of Orange so long ago. We shall never bow to any foreign power, and never cede any territory as long as there is still the will and the capability to fight on. We shall also do our very best to cater to the needs of the Nordic Confederacy as a whole. We shall make our policy around what is best for the entire Union.

The Imperial Defense System is essentially the same as what is in effect now, except that the require military service will be 6 years rather than 4. Additionally, any soldier enlisting in the military will be required to serve a minimum of 20 years unless discharged by Military High Command for other reasons.

The Imperial Education System is a system wherein the people of the Union ages 6-18 are required to attend school, public or government-approved private schools. All schools are required to teach the German language, Nordic History, Union/Dutch history, and the students are all required to have passed a Calculus programme before having left school. The Education system also provides funding to go to one of twenty government-funded Universities within the Union, however space in these universities is limited, and students are still given the okay to attend a private university, however they will receive no federal aid. Obviously if they do not go to university, they will be required to enter into military service.

The Imperial Healthcare System is a system of Universal Healthcare wherein all citizens of the Union are allowed to receive healthcare from any hospital sanctioned by the government free of charge. Any form of healthcare is acceptable, and it is available to all citizens of the Union. Any non-citizens will still be required to pay for healthcare themselves or through their insurance company, be it private or national.

The Imperial Justice System is rather simple. It states that the Emperor has the highest Judicial authority in the Union and is capable of overturning all decisions made by any lower court. It also states that the Imperial Court is the highest judicial authority in the land next to the Emperor, and as such is capable of overturning any decision made by any lower court.

The Imperial Labour System states that all those employed by companies within the Union are entitled to the joining/formation of a Labour Union as long as their trade is one sanctioned by the government. It also states that the labourers in the Union are entitled to fair treatment by their employers and by their industry. It bans child labour and it places large fines on companies who are outsourcing their work to other nations where it may be cheaper to hire help. It also places large taxes on companies who grow too large at the discretion of the Emperor. If, in the eyes of the Emperor a company has a monopoly on a product or certain form of labour, then that company may be disbanded by His Majesty into smaller companies so that the market does not collapse.

The Imperial Police Force is a police force designed to make sure that the people of the Union are kept in check. It is a division of the BVD made for internal matters. It is kept secret from the general public of the Union and from the world, but its mission is clear: arrest those who make ill will against the government and would seek things opposite of what the Emperor desires.

The Nordic Free Trade Doctrine states that the Union will not place tariffs on goods brought into the Union by traders from other Nordic nations, that is to say, members of the Nordic Confederacy. This will promote the economic union of the Nordic Confederacy and enable us all to work better together. We will also, by this, encourage other Nordic nations to do the same.

The People's Will is simple. It states that the Emperor is require to do what the people of the Union request him to do, or else he can be removed by either a 75%+1 majority vote in the High Council, or by a legal coup by the people of the Union. It is a check to the Emperor's power.

This is the Union.

Wir alle kommen aus Germania.

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