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The Shandong Deal

Lord Frost

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With the utter collapse of the Jiangsu Republic, the Territory is officially Claimed and being moved into by the Empire of the Rising Sun, Neo Japan. Beijing Corp had a dispute with this, and in the spirit of peace and negotiation, a deal has been made.

As of this moment, Shandong Province (and subsequent control of the Bohai Sea), is the new territory of Beijing Corp, and the Jiangsu Republic and all it's holdings are now Provinces of the Empire. This has been a very peaceful negotiation, and Imperial troops are removing themselves from Shandong to secure our new holdings.

OOC: yay peace

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OOC: We didn't have a dispute lol.

IC: We are happy this peaceful exchange of land could happen.

OOC: oh come on, its so much more fun to say that someone had an issue with it, then say we decided not to fight and work it out on paper instead. Makes us look mature :awesome:

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OOC: Triyun's referring to this : wiki A dark time in Chinese history indeed.

OOC: a dark day in history which never happened here on Planet Bob


What is the nature of the so-called "21 demands" that certain nations talk about? No historical text holds information on such an phenomenon.

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