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Final Victory

Kaiser Martens

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Martens stepped out of his tank at Moscow, before the Kremlin, and knelt down at an earth-covered spot. Tears begin to fall from his eyes, and he keels over.


"Vir är sigr!" (We are victorious)

His whole army stands behind him, as he takes Rurik's Land in his lands and lets it rise close to his face, catching a faint breath which lets his sense of smell reach for the earth in his hand. His head turns around, and yells out with the force of a hurricane,

"NORDLAND, VIR SIGR!" (Nordland, we won!)

Pictures are taken, it is the first and surely the last time in which Martens will be ever seen crying. Finally the hummiliation from before is undone, finally he has avenged his forefathers. He stands, as people in the Kremlin remove the Christian Cross and in its place finally and eternally install an Odal Rune. Now, there was nothing more to do: The Reich was finally built as ment to be, now, there was only eternal defense of the Homeland, for the enemies had been nullified at our home Europe. With a hand, Martens wipes the tears from his eyes and breathes in, realizing that this is the realization of his every dream. Finally Rurik's Nordland is again a part of Martens' "family". There will never again be a need for wars of aggression. He looks at his troops standing there. The people in Moscow knew better than to try to go after him, after hearing stories about his invincibility.

This was the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one as well. Final Victory for the Nordlanders.


"This is what we have always fought for! Security and Unity in our European Fatherland! This is what every ancestor of ours has cried for! We will no longer need to embark ourselves in wars to fight other nations, from now on we will only need to defend our gains! This is what Odin had promised us! HAIL VICTORY! And Nordlanders, march onwards!"

Martens' Army Group begins to march, or rather, parade through Moscow with impunity. Even some people start to throw flowers in their directions, some people even go to where Martens stands to try and hug him, and knowing he could very well end up being stabbed, he cares - for many reasons - little. He merely closes his eyes and leans to his side, enjoying the moments as troops go. Every year had the russians held a victory parade, now, every years will the Rus People and the Nordlanders hold also a victory parade, a parade against the old order. The people of Russland had lost, but at the same time, they had won.


Martens slowly steps away from the gathering crowd, and heads back to Nordheim, where he receives a condecoration after his participation in the campaign. "It may be unfair to claim for this to be the war to end all wars, but it is for our Volk certainly enough to say, the offensive war to end all offensive wars. We have finally built our castle, and for all eternity we will guard it with the Mjöllnir at our hands. I must recognize I was skeptic of Visari, but in the end us acting as a team did what I alone could not do. HEIL WODAN!"


The parade would be massive, as it'd include elements from the other armies, each showing their flags, and afterwards, it'd also include an element of the Rus Defence Forces, the new Nordlandic Russian army, so that odd spin made it seem unlike the everyday invasion by foreigners.

The former Kaiser goes back to Nordheim, and finally rests.

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Watching the televised victory parade in an increasingly common occurrence, Generalissimo threw his transmitter into a wall. Generalissimo had again put survival above camaraderie and truly hated himself for it, he was supposedly Justinian’s friend but did nothing when it would have mattered most. After what happened to Motoko, after everything that had happened with the Dark Hand Justinian deserved better… but life isn’t fair.

“In Asgard I thought things would be different this time around, that Norland could present a new path for Germany. They had been planned their petty vengeance from the beginning, they are incapable of changing, I should have known. I was wrong about Týr, he’s nothing but a marionette, a puppet whose strings are pulled by Martins.” Generalissimo cursed Martins, Týr, Germany, Norlnad, and above all else himself.

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Nikolai Romanov and his queen watch the TV with...horror. The Molakian senate aswell watches the TV.

"What have we brought to this world? We have fought our brothers, the Russians, and for what? Martens to rise again." Nikolai says, looking to his queen.

"For now, we must be silent. We are alone in the north. Martens and Nordheim have many allies. We have none." Anna says, pouring a shot.

"Agreed. We must repent, but not now. For now, we live with the stain of this war."

Kotka, Molakia

Kotka Air Force Base

Antonev Frolov and Alexei Romanov, supporters of Nordland, both drink to the New European Order.

"For Nordland!" they say together.

-----Message from Antonev Frolov and Alexei Romanov-----

We have done it Comrade! Nordland is whole again! It has been a long road from the Silver Revolution to now, but together we have prevailed!


The past glories of Germania will arise again. From the old German Tribes that fell the Romans to you today, Germania will always be great! Nords and Slavs will forever rule the world!

-Alexei Romanov

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Emperor Kim, while sitting in a hospital room in Canada, laughed and laughed to no end upon hearing the news. Nothing could kill the crazy leaders of old.

Emperor Kim's ghost from the future laughed heartily along with him, unseen by anyone.

OOC: :awesome:

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