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Imperial Alliance Update Thread/Announcements


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In the homeland (Kerguelen Islands) a special colonization commission has been appointed by General Administrator Othran to begin the exploration, surveying, of the norther territory recently ceded to the Alliance (Sub Administrative Zone Two). Their goal will be to determine what primary resources may be exploited in the as well as plan the construction of a permanent settlement in the region. Thomas Devereaux has been appointed the head of this commission as well as given the title of General Administrator (Viceroy) of Sub Administrative Zone Two. Viceroy Devereaux will be accompanying an armed contingent along with the members of the commission to begin their work in the near future. It is likely the construction of subterranean cities or domes similar to those in the other IA Administrative Zones will be necessary due to the harsh environment however it is expected that a major cities will be capable of thriving there. Furthermore goods manufactured in the homeland are going to be increasingly marketed to Zone one as its post war consumerist markets are optimal for its goods.

In Sub Administrative Zone One (Romania also Nova Swiss) Viceroy Kaine over the recently established State Media Service (a necessary move due to the fact that there was no private or local media service for the nation) announced a number of infrastructure projects and programs designed to raise the Zone up to the Homeland's standard.

-Reorganization of Cities to fit smart growth plans in order to help curb urban sprawl and conserve resources.

-The construction of an extensive public transportation system modeled after the city wide maglev trains and inter city hexlev systems which unite the homeland.

-The construction of an rectenna array in central Nova Swiss which will be capable of providing cheap government electricity to the nation via the solex array.

-The nationalization of education which will provide a tracting system to give specialized training to those not qualifying for higher education while being capable of providing free higher education to the top twenty percent of examees.

-The construction of a large domes over the zone's major cities once city planning is in its mid-completion (to help make the winters more manageable.

- The construction of several pod farming centers capable of cutting the cost of produce and agricultural products mainly stable food products, corn, wheat, rice ect; making food more affordable.

-The construction of several major (state owned) insdustrial parks to provide well paying industrial jobs to the unemployed.

The central bank will also be raising interest rates (a contractionary policy) as the post war economy is capable of being cut back a bit in exchange for a more favorable monetary policy. This will lead to a more powerful currency as well as make goods and services more affordable as it will lower prices encouraging urban and industrial workers as well as the middle and upper class to consume more under favorable prices.


-NGP (National Governing Party) has permeated the educational system and has begun implementing the ideological aspects of the plan. (http://forums.cybernations.net/index.php?showtopic=53588&view=findpost&p=1402487)

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In Sub Administrative Zone Two Viceroy Devereaux has arrived and plans have been put forth for the construction of a subterranean city he is personally calling New Geneva. Said city will be suitable to the harsh winter climates and heavy snow. Further his colonization commission has begun surveying the land the geological team has further confirmed the presence of oil, coal, diamonds, gold, and a number of other Siberian resources. The island in the northern part of it is further scheduled to be the location for a civilian/military port as well as the cite of a military base. Siberia's harsh climate is a suitable training ground for new recruits. It is also hoped that New Geneva will like centre and the other cities in the Home land become another Industrial center to supply manufactured commodities to the world.

(Picture of Centre (capital))



Military wise a series of fortifications are to be put into place namely a military base (inside city) and a naval base. (Map)


*Quasi Classified (Like an OCC observation)*

In Sub Administrative Zone One (Romania), deflationary policies the product of higher interest rates, as well as the introduction of pod farming have lead to a surplus and food and an overall drop in the prices of agricultural products. While economically and humanitarianly better overall; it has led to many farmers most of whom hold mortgages to being pushed into defaults on their property. As a result many are blaming the banks and the wealthy; many are also looking to the government to save them. Moreover the increased of volume of imported manufactured goods from the Homeland has led to a drop in prices forcing private companies to compete and cut their own wages. Publicly owned and subsidized factories being able to maintain wage levels have attracted a lot of the workers from private companies leading to a labor shortage.


In response to the plight of the agricultural base Viceroy Kaine has created a government plan to settle farm mortgages, along with purchase the farmers land from him. The program also has an included mission to relocate former farmers to the industrial centers and provide them public housing. Since agricultural work is becoming less and less important a result of Alliance pod farming an increased trend of rural migration to the cities many using this plan is expected.

Moreover private factories unable to compete with the efficiency of companies in the homeland or keep up with the wage demands of their laborers are suffering a double problem. Inability to compete is causing a loss in marketing ability, and the resulting cuts made in wages is resulting in workers seeing work elsewhere. The government has further offered to buy out industries in trouble and reorganize them under the relevant bureaucracies.


As more and more factories are placed under government control fewer manufactured goods will be imported from the Homeland, allowing the new Government factories to function without suffering a loss.

In Sub administrative Zone Three (Northfolk) Simon Roberts has been appointed General Administrator (Viceroy). Part of the southern fleet along with 100,000 soldiers and 1000 mechanized units have been deployed to the region to ensure its security. Similar development plans to those being done in Zone One have been put forward.

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In Sub Administrative Zone One Viceroy Kaine has made an executive decision to seize lands outside of the cities as part of his resource conservation policy all such areas will become public lands. Since conventional farming is relatively unneeded farmers in the countryside will be compensated and relocated in the cities. Limited uses of external land will be permitted with authorization from the state. Moreover a series of economic downturns have occurred. Inflationary policies in the aftermath of the farmer's problem has resulted in a near total loss in personal savings, and problems for larger business. Despite this the public sector industries continue to be successful having to operate under the stronger Homeland currency rather than the traditional Romanian one. In response to this Viceroy Kaine is expected to do a series of nationalizations, something being called for by the vast majority of people. The end of which will essentially result in a large sector of government bureacrats, and industrial workers all being paid by the state (guarenteing employment to those presently being unemployed in the economic crisis). Beyond this the traditional Romanian currency now useless is expected to be abandoned in favor of the much stronger Alliance Credit. Finally personal automobiles, other than those used by the military are also being outlawed due to the environmental damage they cause, and the fact that they are now obsolete. A government purchasing plan has already gone into effect, the reclaimed automobiles are being resold, or scrapped for their raw materials. The Viceroy also would like to congratulate the people of his zone for their hard work in completing the last of the domes for the cities, as well as at last finishing the great network of Hexlev tunnels which will unite the Zone.


Extensive surveillance systems as well as EM field generators have been completely installed within the cities the total transition to the manager state is now only a matter of ideological conditioning a slow process which will with time make this Zone much like that of the Homeland. A similar development plan has already been put into effect within the recently acquired Administrative Zone Three, and traditional establishment has already been completed in Zone Two.

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