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How not to fake logs


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There once was a ruler named KSI STACKZ 7. He approached KaitlinK, leader of MA, with some logs of STA government members planning the destruction of MA.

18:01 pezstar[sTA]: So who knows?

18:01 pezstar[sTA]: MA?

18:01 Lakerzz[sTA]: Yes,actually Kait probably has a nuclear plan like we do.

18:02 afoster[sTA]: Well we should inform Tyga,no?

18:04 Lakerzz[sTA]: Just did.

18:04 afoster[sTA]: And he said?

18:05 pezstar[sTA]: I just want to get back at MA.. I got ZIed remember!?!

18:05 Lakerzz[sTA]: He said that the Operation will go according to plan. and i agree we cant risk going in to early.

18:05 afoster[sTA]: I agree, but NPO probably wont wait, the sooner they get RoK away the better we have a chance

18:12 Lakerzz[sTA]:So alert VMX and lets go eat some chow

18:12 pezstar[sTA]: CHOW!!!!

KaitlinK sensed that something was amiss, and approached the STA to ask about these logs. We were able to find quite a few oddities in them, including the following:

-I've used the [sTA] tag in my name about 3 times, ever.

-Lakerzz uses "Lakerzz8[sTA]

-These logs allegedly came from our government channel. afoster is not now, nor has he ever been STA government.

-I've never been ZI'd.

-What in the world is VMX?

-STA and MA have fought in the past, however it was in the context of a war that we both entered to defend treaty partners. We certainly have no issues with each other. We have a pretty darn peaceful co-existence.

Once KaitlinK was assured that the logs were fake, she attempted to extract the name of the source of the logs from KSI STACKZ 7. He refused to give up the name of the person attempting to create a CB against STA. As such, KatilinK expelled him from MA.

STA has placed this person on our ZI list. Once he exits peace mode, we will attack KSI STACKZ 7 until one of the following happens:

-He has zero infrastructure

-He gives us the name of the person who gave him the logs, and who is clearly attempting, however poorly, to have our alliance destroyed.

A huge Siberian thank you to KaitlinK for her warning and assistance. o/

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