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Government needed!


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The New Roman Military(NRM) needs 3 government members!

The duties:

Commandant (Elected) -

A. Organization of member nations into units based on nation strength.

B. Appointing commanders of the alliance's military units.

C. Preparing and maintaining guides to the conduct of warfare for the alliance.

D. Establishing recommended and mandatory military wonder purchases based on nation size.

Ambassador (Elected) -

A. Provide information & guidance to the government regarding relations with other alliances.

B. Appoint diplomatic personnel and supervise their performance.

C. Draft necessary treaties with other alliances, subject to ratification by the Cabinet and Emperor

Chamberlain (Elected) -

A. Screening new members for eligibility, background checks, and approving applications.

B. Mass communication with alliance members.

C. Reporting alliance news and information.

D. Monitoring forum participation of members.

E. Conduct nation audits

F. Organize and supervise a mentor program for new nations.

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