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500 days of CN


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Some people here may know me for my debate that 100 marines had a chance against the 112,000 strong British Army of 1776, or any of my other watercooler experiences.

Some people here may know me for my IRC shenanigans such as the time some guy saying he was a "mercenary" and could "take out any nation you want" for a price, I pretended to be my (now ex-) girlfriend, flirted with him, then pretended to be her big black scary boyfriend, got all pissed at him for flirting "wit mah gurl," came back on as girlfriend and tried flirting again, getting a picture of the 13 year old kid that was acting like he was a BAMF. For those of you that missed it, many XD's were had, and the entire logs are posted somewhere on RIA public boards. EDIT: NAUGHTY WORD WARNING http://cybernations.rialliance.net/index.p...8&hl=Tyrone

Some of you may know me for my alter-ego on another game (which I hope there are lots of CN'ers that still remember him even though he's been quite inactive lately).

Probably none of you know me for my time as government in the RIA that don't know me for another reason.

I assume however, that most people that know me however know me for my somewhat loud beginnings and outspoken-ness. Believe me I know that there are some of you out there who PM'd my government about how something I said on OWF/alliance politics/IRC was naughty naughty and how I needed to be leashed in.

For those of you that do know me I'd appreciate you just posting what you think of me, be as serious or stupid as you want to be, and as positive or negative as you want to be. I know I can't "change da rulz" and say flaming or whatever is allowed in here, but I'm pretty curious as to IF the CN community "thinks" of me, and IF they do, what they think of me.

Also, to celebrate my 500 days, which have all been in the RIA, I collected taxes with only 2 churches, and lost about 25 million. Woohoo.


post if you want me to restart my newsletter

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I dont know you, But by the sounds of you, You sound awesome. Lol so what happened to the guy in the IRC?

He came back like two days later and queried me asking if we can still be friends. I said no. He never came back.

It's surprising what a few pictures of a sexy emo chick can get a guy to do over the internet.

edit: FYE



SHe was there before boxxy!

OH YEAH! ANd post if you want me to restart my newsletter

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(10:23:47 PM) Dontasemebro[RIA]: (10:23:09 PM) Mixoux: i think he just wants to make out with you

(10:23:47 PM) Dontasemebro[RIA]: (10:23:11 PM) xman: i do

Good times.

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